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I’m giving dating one last try.  In the last three years I have tried four dating sites, without success.  Unless, you count becoming a serial dater success.  I’ve dated on average 15-20 guys in a year, not counting several I dated twice.  This marathon dating life has left me tired and empty.  Wondering if I’m doomed to continue running on this dating wheel or will I step off, slightly dizzy and disoriented, but in love with an amazing man.

So Eharmony is it.  It’s my last hope.  I created a profile, attached my headshot and set my criteria for what I look for in a partner.  I’m not picky, at least I don’t think I am.  I’m open-minded to different races and religions, spiritual or not, different sizes, professions, pay scales.  But not children.  I have remained childless at the age of 28, and to some that’s a feat.  I’m an educated, African American woman with a full-time job as well as two part-time jobs.  It’s seen as an accomplishment, even though it should just be standard.  (But I won’t discuss the “race” issue…at least not yet.)  I pay for all of my bills, socialize as much as I can, shop when I feel like it and have a decent savings account.  Again, standard in my mind.  Nothing extraordinary.  I would like my future partner to mirror me, somewhat.  I realize that one can’t have it all.  But is having a man who takes care of home and makes that a priority, with no kids, too much to ask for?

My criterion has produced a decent amount of matches.  Based on Eharmony’s 29 compatibility settings, I receive almost 8 matches a day.  I actually enjoy when my non-smart touch phone buzzes and I see the standard email pop up with a new name and location of my future match.  It’s even better when I get an email saying someone want to communicate with me.  Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  We may have a winner.  There’s something about being sought after that makes you feel…powerful, desirable and confident.

As the saying goes there are PLENTY of fish in the sea…Hopefully one, or two, or three with take a bite and hold on…I’ll guess we’ll have to see.



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