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Posted on: April 18, 2010

One thing many of you do no know about me is that I actually do have a life outside online dating!  SHOCKER!  I know, I know.  My entire blog focuses on online dating.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with blogging.  You can take any topic you want and create an online journal dedicated towards the topic, which the world has the pleasure to view. 

Unfortunately, I decided it was a “great” idea to post my blogs on Facebook.  Not such a great idea in retrospect because for those of you who know nothing about me (which I’m trying to figure out so I can delete you from my Facebook “friends” list, post haste!), you could assume that I only care about finding the right man or even…that I’m…DESPERATE!!!  Honestly, maybe I am.  In some ways aren’t we all?  Who doesn’t crave to be loved and understood?  Who doesn’t want that one person who will laugh at their jokes or tell them it wasn’t that funny, and then the two of you laugh about your unfunny joke?  I figure that online dating is my shot to get out there, because my Mr. Right is NOT in Harrisburg, Pa. 

So here I am blogging…and here I’ll stay…


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