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Should’ve hung up when he said he has a toe fetish…

Posted on: April 12, 2010

 I’ve been told I’m too accommodating.  That being too nice makes a man not respect you.  I think it’s true…especially after talking with Mr. Nurse. 

He seemed so good on paper, like most of the guys on these online dating sites…

His Stats:


Trauma Nurse

Volunteer Firefighter

Taking classes to further his career



Never dated a black woman (Yes, this is important to me)

Has a painted toe fetish!!!!

Mr. Nurse, like Mr. Green Day, requested that we skip the suggested Eharmony communication guidelines and go right to email… THIS IS THE PART WHERE I SHOULD’VE SAID: NO THANKS!  But no, that would be smart.  I accommodated him and we talked for a few days over email.  It was nothing special, just: How was your day?  What do you like to do on the weekends?…the typical, boring questions.  It felt like my first interview out of college!  I was pleasantly surprised when he suggested we exchange numbers because he wanted to call me.  Most online dating men do not like to call, they LOVE to text. 

So I have him my number.  Instead of calling me first, he texted me saying how beautiful I am, how I look so much like Michelle Obama, how he likes my smile…all of the things guys like to say when trying to catch a new girl.  I lapped it up, a little.  I found it odd that he was laying it on so strong.  Not long into the texts he says he must admit something to me: He has a small fetish; he loves a girl with painted toes.  Now after my experiences with the Plentyoffish.com guy who loved to have skid marks in his undies, I was ready to rip him a new one.  WHY would you tell me that after texting for an HOUR?!  Not only is expressing this extremely early in the conversation creepy, but it announces exactly why you’re on match and it definitely isn’t to find the “right one.”

The nice girl in me let him keep on texting, but I did give him a little hell for bring that up.  I was so turned off, his comment made him sound desperate.  It seems as if he hasn’t had any female interaction physical contact or even shared the same air space with a woman in such a long time.  All he can do is look down, since he’s so close to the ground, and admire our pretty pedicure feet.

And I’ll be honest…the lonely, single girl in me let us keep talking anyway.  I kept smiling at his compliments anyway.  And, we planned a date…which he cancelled because of a “family situation.”

Maybe he found a girl who would let him suck on her pretty painted toes…

Whatever.  From here on out, I’m being assertive.  No more being polite and compromising.  Call it being a bitch it you want to.  But, if you don’t want to go through the Eharmony guidelines, then ask me out on a date, go where I want to go and then pay for the first couple of dates (if I decide there will be another date), then FORGET IT.  I can’t continue to be one of those girls who attracts loser after loser.


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