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The one and only time I like being wrong

Posted on: April 3, 2010

I was wrong about Mr. Moto.

I’ll admit it.  I jumped to conclusions.  The guy likes you, you’re connecting on a non-physical level and everything is flowers and rainbows.  J  Then reality hits, he wants to “take it slow.”  He backs off…fades into the background…never to be heard from again.  I’ve been there several times…heck, I’ve done it several…many times.  I know the signs that a guy’s not into you.  And I thought I saw the same in Moto.  But as he said, it’s not me…it’s him.

I understand he’s a teacher and in grad school, so I gave him plenty of space.  I let him get in contact with me first and I responded enthusiastically, but not desperately.  I kept the conversations in between casual and deep.  And, I made sure he knew that I understood he was busy, but still wanted to see him again.  There is no model that I follow when getting to know a guy.  There’s no formula.  But maybe there should be.  Maybe for too long I’ve had this “go with the flow/almost anything goes” dating attitude.  Now that I’m getting to know someone who needs a little order and structure in his life and relationships, who says he wants to take it slow and has shown he means it through his actions, I find that I am comforted in his need for stability.  I know where I stand with him and that makes me feel…secure. 

So, for once…I’m going to not expect something to go wrong.  I’m not going to look for the signs.  I’m just going to enjoy the time I spend with him…because, Lord willing, I have a feeling he’s worth it.


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