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Posted on: March 10, 2010

A.K.A. Mr. MBA, Mr. Money Bags…Mr. Blank Sheet of Paper.

He was the first guy from Eharmony to request communication, who was matched with me in 2008 (when I wasn’t a paying member), and finally got in contact with me during the free weekend in February. Once I became a complete member last weekend, he messaged me saying it was his last week and would like to keep in touch. First guy to want to get to know me and I just started.  Ding ding DING!!!

His stats:

Has an MBA

CFO of his own business

Contract with the Department of Defense

$$$!!! 😉

He’s bigger than the type I like to date.  He described himself as being: 5’11’’, 220-230 lbs.  The right age: 31, going on 32.  He loves to read a local business journal, take walks by the riverfront, run and weight lift for exercise and fun.  And even though he seems like the kind of guy I’d be crazy not to go for.  And even though, I envision him with dollar signs floating around his head…I find him to be highly educated, well-traveled, well-rounded, ambitious bore.

His idea of relaxing is doing more work.  His conversation skills are lacking.  Severely even.  And he complained that the only picture he had of me was my head shot…which is a damn good one! 

His whole attitude is up-tight, clipped and BORING…He doesn’t even know the Clash of the Titans came out in 1981!  SERIOUSLY?!  Luckily I’m not one of those girls who cares if he has $’s floating around his head.  I’m immune to gold-diggeritis….so I say….NEXT!!!



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